VY Decommissioning – Get the Facts

Get the Facts


03-29-16_Rev2_Change to VY Security News Release

Annual Media Training Dec 2016 – 3-9-16 Final final [Read-Only]

Initial CAP Charter Maine Yankee


Advisory Panel Comparison BG Cmts

Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary Club – November 2015 – Final

2015 ANS-MIAMI final

8-11-15 MEM KEW Public Meeting Summary

RG 1.184 Rev 1

8-19-15 San Onofree Units 2&3 – Review & Approval of Irradiated Fuel Mgmt PlanML15182A256

8-20-15 San Onofree Units 2&3 – Change in NRC Staff Project Mgmt ML15216A585

8-20-15 San Onofree Units 2&3 – Review of Post Shutdown DecommML15204A383

MEM KEW Public Meeting Summary – August 11, 2015

Newport Rotary Club – August 4, 2015

Brattleboro Rotary Club – July 2015 – Final

NRC Backgrounder on Dry Cask Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel

SAFSTOR Matters EWC Presentation

Fact sheet: Safely Managing Used Nuclear Fuel

Fact Sheet: Status of Used Nuclear Fuel Storage at U.S. Commercial Nuclear Plants

Fact Sheet: Used Nuclear Fuel in Storage at Shutdown Reactors

Fact Sheet: Decommissioning Nuclear Energy Facilities

Used Nuclear Fuel Storage – NEI.org

Greenfield, MA 4/14/2015 Information Session Presentation

NRC PSDAR Public Meeting Presentation

Emergency Planning SAFSTOR Information

Vermont Yankee 10 mile Emergency Planning Zone Stats

PSDAR Process White Paper

VY NRC 12-8-14 Finance Presentation

Site Assessment Study

Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Animation


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