Who We Are

  • Safe & Efficient Nuclear Facility Decommissioning
  • NorthStar offers a comprehensive program designed to help our customers navigate the complex process of decommissioning nuclear facilities and obtain the required regulatory closures to release the site for unrestricted reuse or redevelopment.
  • Our service offerings include program management, hazardous materials removal, radiological decontamination, facility deconstruction and site restoration.  NorthStar partners with our customers to provide the Final Status Survey required for termination of Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Licenses and completion of final site restoration.
  • NorthStar’s integrated project management approach coordinates decontamination and decommissioning (D&D) activities to safely and efficiently meet the rigorous regulatory requirements.  Our experienced team of professionals shepherd these complex projects to achieve the desired site reuse / site redevelopment objectives of our customers.
  • NorthStar has provided solutions to both commercial and government decommissioning and closure projects for more than 20 years, including experience with US Department of Energy (DOE) nuclear facilities.
  • NorthStar has performed nuclear reactor D&D to support NRC License Termination Plans at five (5) reactor facilities.  (University at Buffalo Material Research Center, University of Illinois Nuclear Reactor Lab, University of Arizona TRIGA Reactor & Lab, University of Washington Nuclear Reactor and the A.J. Blotcky Reactor Facility at the Omaha VA Medical Center)
  • NorthStar’s international experience includes supporting 10 of the United Kingdom’s Magnox Ltd. Reactor sites, as well as installation of radiological detection systems for safeguards and security around the world.
  • NorthStar’s CEO Scott E. State, P.E., is a recognized thought leader in the nuclear industry