Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel (NDCAP)

Entergy is committed to a transparent and open decommissioning process with many opportunities for public participation. In 2014, the Vermont legislature established the Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel (NDCAP) as a forum for public engagement and education on Vermont Yankee decommissioning issues. The NDCAP has 19 members, including six citizen members, two each to be appointed by the Governor, the Senate Pro-Tem and the House Speaker, as well as representatives from Vermont Yankee decommissioning stakeholder organizations.

Administrative Items


12-29-15 Senator Leahy Response to NDCAP Storage Letter

12-10-15 Draft Minutes

12-10-15 Draft Minutes

11-23-15 Draft Counter Proposal – Groundwater Monitoring

11-16-15 Storage Letter to Senator Leahy

11-12-15 Agenda

11-12-15 Draft Minutes

11-12-15 Entergy Presentation

11-12-15 Entergy – Update on NDT, Spent Fuel Management Plan and Entergy Sites

10-28-15 Draft Advisory Opinion – Groundwater Monitoring

10-28-15 Draft Advisory Opinion – Vermont Department of Health Groundwater Monitoring Through License Terminations

10-15-15 Draft Advisory Opinion – Engaging Host Communities in NRC Reactor Decommissioning Rulemaking

10-15-15 Draft Advisory Opinion – ISFSI Location

10-15-15 Draft Advisory Opinion – Continued Funding for RERP

09-24-15 Agenda

09-24-15 Draft Minutes

09-24-15 Entergy Presentation

09-24-15 Vermont DEMHS – Emergency Planning Overview

09-24-15 State of Vermont – Overview of State Decommissioning Activities

09-24-15 Vermont Department of Health – Emergency Response during SAFSTOR and DECON

09-24-15 Advisory Opinion Process and Advisory Opinion Committee Recommendations

06-26-15 Connecticut Yankee ISFSI Site Visit Report

06-25-15 Agenda

06-25-15 Draft Minutes

06-25-15 Meeting Location Change

06-25-15 Entergy Presentation

06-25-15 State of Vermont – Overview of State Decommissioning Activities

06-25-15 Holtec International – Hi-Storm MPC Storage System

06-15-15 Potential Issues for NDCAP Advisory Opinions

05-28-15 Agenda

05-28-15 Draft Minutes

05-28-15 Welcome Slides

05-28-15 Entergy Presentation

05-28-15 Entergy – Certificate of Public Good

05-28-15 Overview of the Section 248 Process (CPG)

05-28-15 Vermont Public Service Department – Certificate of Public Good Review Process

05-28-15 State of Vermont – Overview of State Decommissioning Activities

03-26-15 Draft Minutes

03-26-15 Entergy Presentation

02-26-15 Entergy Presentation

03-26-15 NH State Radiation Advisory Committee – Nuclear Spent Fuel Dry Cask Storage

03-07-15 Annual Report to the Governor of Vermont and the Energy Committees of the General Assembly

02-26-15 Entergy – Emergency Preparedness

01-28-15 Entergy Presentation

01-28-15 U.S. NRC – NRC Reactor Decommissioning Process – PSDAR and LTP